Iron And Steel Sector

We start with a simple sample, drawing or sketch and then implement the project according to the needs outlined by the customer.
We use special alloy materials, suitable for abrasion, impact and wear, providing custom-made metal components such as tanks for oil containment, ladles, cupola furnace loading bins, tools for furnaces, etc.

In addition, we provide CE-certified structural carpentry.

Many of the components and machines in this sector are therefore customised designs to solve individual needs or problems. These include:

• Container feed system for machining stations: some components that are transported in line to a control and/or processing station, are placed in containers through roller conveyors by line operators. This system allows the boxes to be moved for a regular load, eliminating the need for operator intervention to readjust the loads, limiting heavy handling by the operator.
• Soundproofing booths, complete with extractors and silencers, for noise reduction
• Natural lamellar ventilators: they discharge large quantities of hot air economically and without using energy, providing an environment with air intakes and recreating ventilation systems suitable for different types of environments
• Automated Extraction Hood: follows the inlet and outlet pipes of the furnaces, through which the harmful gases are drawn. This implementation constitutes an effective solution for the timely suction of harmful gases on the loading pallets of the pipes entering and leaving the furnaces.

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