Industrial plants & maintenance since 1997

We design, construct, install and maintain specific industrial plants and machinery for your company. We operate in various sectors, including:

  • Steel industry
  • Chemical-plastic industry
  • Food industry
  • Industrial water treatment

Why do clients choose us?

Our priorities are quality and safety. Professionalism and reliability are characteristics that distinguish us. We provide customized solutions and full service support.

We follow each Customer with the utmost attention, offering our assistance 365 days a year. The maintenance service represents a strong point much appreciated by our customers.


We care about the serenity of our customers, offering technical support in ordinary and extraordinary situations.

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Our sectors

We started as constructors and maintainers of machinery for the chemical-plastic industry. Over the years we have distinguished ourselves as a versatile and dynamic company, capable of developing a transversal technological know-how that has allowed us to penetrate various industrial sectors.

Our attention is directed to a transition system towards the green economy through air and water treatment plants, sectors in which we already operate in collaboration with leading partner companies. We provide guidelines for our customers, define and propose efficient and innovative plants.

Our main industrial sectors:

Steel industry (foundries, steel mills and ironworks)


Food industry

water treatment

Quality & Safety are our priorities.

The essential partner for your industry

In over twenty-five years of activity, we have developed knowledge and skills that allow us to operate in various sectors, offering highly customized and targeted solutions.

We have the means and business organisation necessary for the development and internal production of the products, constantly expanding the range of offered products thanks to synergies with specialized partner companies.

The individual specific needs outline the company’s strong spirit in research and continuous evolution, maximizing its Problem Solving skills.

The company’s strong spirit of evolution and problem solving is strengthened by the aim of addressing in the best way all the individual specific needs of our customers.

Every problem, every faced obstacle have forged our know-how, shaping and defining the characteristics that identify us: versatility, professionalism and ingenuity.

Why an essential partner?

Thanks to the solid network of specialized collaborators with whom we have consolidated effective synergies, we have the ability to tackle countless projects with efficiency and punctuality, offering from individual carpentry components to “Turnkey” plant solutions.


Customized supplies and services

Our production facility allows us to perform more than 70% of the work “in house”, ensuring fast realization of the projects with quick adjustments found necessary during the construction process.

We implemeted countless projects with efficiency and punctuality, offering from individual carpentry components to “turnkey” plant solutions.

Our maintenance service represents the main loyalty factor and it is often extended to the whole plants and various production departments.

For our customers, our services have become fundamental, in many cases indispensable in their production processes.

Quality and competence

Our supplies and services are certified by leading bodies as:

▪    Quality (ISO 9001:2015);

▪    Security (ISO 45001:2018);

▪    Factory production control (EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011)

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